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                                   HAPPY FALL                        
November 15th & 16th are Early Dismissal Days for all students in grades K-5.  If your child needs Elwood Care on these days you will notice a place on the November Calendar to register them.  Please note if you choose to register your child you must pack them a lunch as the cafeteria will be closed.

                                      Calendar REMINDERS:
  • Please pay close attention to Due Dates posted on the calendars to avoid late fees.
  • All and ANY changes made to a calendar, must be made in writing.
  • Any cancellation with less than a weeks notice will not be credited. 

                           NEW INFORMATION:

                               IMPORTANT INFORMATION                             

  • Please note  children with ANY food allergies MUST have their own food/snack supply.

  • Please dress children appropriate we will attempt to go outside daily if possible and as it gets warmer please send your child to school with water and apply sun block at home before they leave home.. LABEL ITEMS WHEN POSSIBLE.

  • ONLY authorized people listed on the Emergency Contact cards are able to sign children out of the program.

Erika R. Maresca
Program Director