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                               FABULOUS FALL:

     I can't believe how fast the first month of school went.  The children seem to have acclimated beautifully.  Making new friends and learning new games. In the morning chicken knock out seems to be a big favorite.  The after school group is enjoying the extra playground time and on rainy days organized games in the gym.  Some of the children have been learning how artistic and creative they can be while participating in art activities and building with leggos. Building friendships and having fun with your continued support of following the guidlines is appreciated.  Please review the reminders below to ensure the safety of your children when they are in the Elwood Care program.  As always, if you have any questions always feel free to call me.
                                        AFTER SCHOOL REMINDERS:
 If your child is registered for any of the after school programs at Harley, Boyd and The Middle School you must come in and sign your child out.  Please understand that any one who is not on your child's emergency contact card will NOT be permitted to sign your child out.  If you need to add additional names to your list please see me for a form.
                                             EARLY DISMISSAL DATES:
Please be advised that Wednesday, November 15th & 29th are Early Dismissal days for all children in grades K-5.  Harley Avenue will release children at 12:20pm  and Boyd Intermediate will release students at 11:20pm.  If you need your child to attend on any of these days, please indicate it on your child's November calendar.  Keep in mind if you register your child for any of these days, you MUST pack your child a lunch as the cafateria will be closed.

                                             Calendar REMINDERS:
  • Please pay close attention to Due Dates posted on the calendars to avoid late fees.
  • All and ANY changes made to a calendar, must be made in writing.
  • Any cancellation with less than a weeks notice will not be credited. 


                                   IMPORTANT INFORMATION                             
  • Please note  children with ANY food allergies MUST have their own food/snack supply.

  • Please dress children appropriate we will attempt to go outside daily if possible and as it gets warmer please send your child to school with water and apply sun block at home before they leave home.. LABEL ITEMS WHEN POSSIBLE.

  • ONLY authorized people listed on the Emergency Contact cards are able to sign children out of the program.

Erika R. Maresca
Program Director
     631 266-6871